Hey there! My name is

Ivano Bilenchi

I'm a software engineer, a researcher, and somewhat of an entrepreneur. I focus on the design and development of software for mobile and embedded devices, and I do research at the Information Systems Laboratory of the Polytechnic University of Bari, working in the AI and IoT fields. To learn more about my work, check out my projects and publications. Here are a few links to my other places on the web.
Academic page iOS repository


A few of the things I've enjoyed working on.


The popular system cleaner
for jailbroken iOS.


A multiplatform reasoner
for the Semantic Web of Everything.


A Python framework for face
detection and recognition.


My most representative academic publications.

A reasoning engine for the Semantic Web of Everything
Journal of Web Semantics, volume 73, Jul 2022
A multiplatform OWL reasoner benchmarking framework
Journal of Web Semantics, volume 72, Dec 2021
Mini-ME Swift: the first mobile OWL reasoner for iOS
16th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2019)


Sometimes my work gets featured in local and tech press.