I do academic research in the Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things fields, working with smart people at the Information Systems Laboratory of the Polytechnic University of Bari. Here's a list of my published work.

Mini-ME Swift: the first mobile OWL reasoner for iOS

16th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2019)
Mobile reasoners play a pivotal role in the so-called Semantic Web of Things. While several tools exist for the Android platform, iOS has been neglected so far. This is due to architectural differences and unavailability of OWL manipulation libraries, which make porting existing engines harder. This paper presents Mini-ME Swift, the first Description Logics reasoner for iOS. It implements standard (Subsumption, Satisfiability, Classification, Consistency) and non-standard (Abduction, Contraction, Covering, Difference) inference tasks in an OWL 2 language fragment. Peculiarities and optimization are discussed and performance results are presented, comparing Mini-ME Swift with other state-of-the-art OWL reasoners.

Reti veicolari basate sulla rappresentazione della conoscenza

Ital-IA 2019 - Convegno Nazionale CINI sull'Intelligenza Artificiale
Il contributo presenta la ricerca condotta nell’ambito dei sistemi avanzati di assistenza alla guida basati sul paradigma del Semantic Web of Things (SWoT). L’intelligenza artificiale è impiegata per: (i) annotare dati di funzionamento di un veicolo estratti dalle unità di controllo, mediante linguaggi di rappresentazione della conoscenza; (ii) elaborarli combinando ragionamento automatico e machine learning per la rilevazione del contesto e dei fattori di rischio; (iii) disseminare e fondere in maniera intelligente la conoscenza inferita all’interno di una rete veicolare.


Youth Solutions Report 2018 - United Nations "Sustainable Development Solutions Network" (SDSN)
Technical skills and resources of farmers in Tanzania are often insufficient to warrant satisfactory income levels, as well as good sustainability in coffee production. The "HowtUyoga" project proposes an entrepreneurial training course aimed at transferring knowledge and expertise related to the creation and management of a plant that would allow the reuse of organic waste resulting from coffee farming to produce mushroom self-cultivation kits. The goal is to establish virtuous dynamics of environmental, social and economic sustainability (2030 Agenda) while also involving trainers, entrepreneurs, financing institutions and other stakeholders.

OWL API for iOS: early implementation and results

13th OWL: Experiences and Directions Workshop and 5th OWL reasoner evaluation workshop (OWLED - ORE 2016)
Semantic Web and Internet of Things are progressively converging, but the lack of reasoning tools for mobile devices on the iOS platform may hinder the progress of this vision. The paper presents an early redesign of OWL API for iOS. A partial port has been developed, effective enough to support mobile reasoning engines in a moderately expressive fragment of OWL 2. Both architecture and mobile-oriented optimizations are discussed and preliminary performance results are sketched.